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Love Is Everything

by Ross Falzone

Released 2016
Released 2016
Movie friendly Folk Jazz songs about love
This Album was a joy to make. It is a record that I've wanted to make for a long time.
It started as a six song project and grew to 14 songs, in the running, before arriving on eight tracks.
A wonderful group of musicians brought their love and talent to the project.
The whole record was cut starting with a guitar, vocal demo, or guitar, piano
and layered from there at my home studio. With the exception of file sharing with the piano guys.
Chris Walters, Mark T Jordan, Bill Livsey, Steve Conn and Kevin McKendree, supplied the wonderful piano parts.
Rory Hoffman, Jerry Kimbro and myself on guitar.
Jack Bruno on drums on all but "One More Night with You"
Brad Alvin, Scott Chambers and myself on Bass
My Dear Friend Linda Cornell Joining me on vocals (which we cut at her farm in wisconsin)
early in the project.
Rory Hoffman on accordion, sax and whistle
Jim Houck on Clarinet and sax on Baby where are you tonight
Steve Conn Accordian

Jeff Gilhart and Paul Umbach, Joining me in mixing
Jeff Gilhart Mastering