My Story

Thanks for listening.

It been a wild journey, this life thing. Lots of love and lots wonder. Searching for meaning, 

It seems I've lived several lives simultaneously,  Im sure you can relate.

In my writing, I intentionally address subjects, that are often, the hardest for me personally. The ones, we all struggle with, ignore, or try to sweep under the rug. That was my motivation to write songs for my first CD "Radical Heart.". It was essentially an anti war cd.

That spirit of social conciseness carried through my first three records. 

Although music is an advocation for me and not a vocation and I have given away every penny, that my music has generated, I have received ten fold of what I have given, in spiritual reward.

My first CD led to the second and to the third, and now my Fourth, as well as to a radio show and a new world of community activism, of which, I find to be most rewarding.

My music has been described in many ways and I'll leave that job to listeners and critics.

Living here in Nashville (music city) has been a wonderful and rich experience. Having the most musical talent, per capita, of any city on the planet, Nashville is a very special city.

There has been a lot to absorb here and a lot to learn. The very best and the very worst of the music biz is here - both creatively and commercially. And believe me its mostly real good.

I know I have grown as an artist, in ways I would not have, if I didn't live here in Nashville and I am so grateful for the experience. 

I hope to continue, to make music,  as long as I can, and try to contribute positively to my community, and most of all, love.

Love, truly is everything


Feel free to drop me a note, air your views and add to my enlightenment.

I wish you well on your creative endeavors and encourage you, to let the Freethinker in you live without fear.

My Albums:

Radical Heart

Life Here on Earth (Just Plain Folks Best Political Album and best song nominee)

Politics, Religion and Other Works of Fiction

Love is Everything