Life Here On Earth

Ross Falzone

American musical crossroads steeped in soul,folk and rock, politically charged and romantically optimistic… but it’s the music’s truth that rings loudest of all.

This project is dedicated to the free expression of ideas and is in no way intended to anger or humiliate anyone who doesen't deserve it.

All in fun and with love! Blessings to all!

All profits from this CD will go to Non profit LPFM Community radio. To learn more go to

Thanks to the talented musical friends who pitched in and helped bring these songs to life.

Including an appearance by the great Eddie Freedom, who after being black balled by the religious right and the Bush administration is now unfortunately homeless and living in shed next to the villa of Cardinal Ravioli De La Manure in France Nashville Music Guide:

THREE NEW REKKIDS – I got my ears on three new CDs this month. The first is by Ross Falzone, a Nashville songwriter/activist/guitarist/producer who’s last work, called Radical Heart, garnered rave reviews and expertly named the liberal sensibility of citizens disenchanted with our current government. His music is not strictly blues, but certainly is blues in lyrical content, and is bluesy old soul-rock in description. His new one, Life Here on Earth, is a mighty next step. Song titles alone convey the sincerity of the artist: "The Truth has God on its Side," "Some of us Die Hungry," "Hang In There," and "I’ve Got it All Figured Out." The latter has a chorus that must speak for many of us: "I’m a complex, simple-minded, brave, scared, undecided confident liberal conservative. I’m a semi-wholehearted, peace loving, gun toting, God-fearing atheist; and I’ve got it all figured out, except when I have my doubts." Wish I’d written that. Sure gets a rueful laugh here at Nashville Music Guide Blues Central. Certainly Falzone’s work has been compared with the best sounds of Springsteen or Dylan. It’s a fair comparison. Ross’ musicians include a number of local heavies, including Gary Tallent of the E Street Band and Jimmy Nalls of Sea Level. This is a work of intense, angry art; with enough gritty delivery to convince the novice rock fan to get involved and do something. And oh, yeah, I’m on this disc; playing one of my all time favorite tracks on a song called "Good Ol’ Boy Thing." Go to

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