My new offering "Love is Everything"

the process of making a record, like everything in life, is a balance. It is a very complicated yet simple process. Complicated in the fact that there are so many decisions to make. What are the right songs, the right players, the proper budget, the right microphones, the right title, the right photo, and on and on and on.

And yet simple, in the fact, that you are doing the very best you can with the tools you have. Like life.

And like in every other aspect of life, comes the uncertainty, the risk, both financially and spiritually, the cost of doing. For it is in doing, that we expose ourselves to what ever the world gives us back.

In the case of this record, I have given my feelings about love, at this time in my life, a place to live. A place to be enjoyed, criticized, copied, stolen, liked, loved or hated.  Love is Everything  as I am told is a bold statement made by a guy who makes bold statements. But I believe it. And My hope is you believe too.


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