LORD LITTERmusician / DJRenegade of Culture since 1984 an unbeliveable project!!! .. from the variety of the songs to the depth of the lyrics to the unique way of selling! .. makes me understand again why I do all I do! .. and definitely a ray of hope from a true alternative underground to today's world culture! .. thanks!!!” - Lord Litter

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Radical Heart is powerful statement from noteworthy newcomerauthor: Duncan Walls, from "All the Right Notes," The Naples Record This is an engaging CD with strong messages, appealing lyrics and music that straddles genres without seeming strained... "Community conscious" truly defines Ross' focus on social issues... His musical framework is stellar throughout... Vocally, Ross is, at times, reminiscent of John Hiatt; his reedy, earthy, and sincere voice never strangles a good lyric. He knows his limitations but seems at ease jumping musical boundaries without sacrificing credibility... Ross' soundscapes (the way the CD sounds as a result of applied recording and mixing) are concise, mature and thoughtful... "Radical Heart" deserves repeated listens and is a powerful statement of a noteworthy newcomer.” - Duncan Walls - "The Naples Record"

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What you might hear from cats like Dave Alvin or The Boss¦ classic American strains banded together and steeped in soul¦ politically charged and romantically optimistic but it's the music's truth that rings loudest of all. Frank DeBlase, Rochester City Newspaper” - Frank DeBlase

— Rochester City Paper

It's exactly releases like Radical Heart that made me get into this business 20 years ago and that keep me going ever since! Lord Litter, Radio Marabu and Cyberstormradio” - Lord Litter

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A discovery! Christian Labonne, Le Cri Du Coyote, France” - Christian Labonne

— LeCri Du Coyote

Radical Heart CD Excellent, unique and inspiring CD¦ I live for songs with such a message! Eddie Russell, WCNET” - Eddie Russell


I heard "The True Story of Adam and Eve" today on WPKN from U of Bridgeport, CT. and was blown away. Got home and found it on itunes and just finished listening to the whole cd. Why is it I don't know who the hell you are” - Barry Avery

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  Politics, Religion and Other Works of Fiction   ROSS FALZONE 2011 Ross Falzone is one of Nashville's many underground musical treasures. He proves it yet again with his new album, Politics, Religion and Other Works of Fiction; his 3rd release. I'm not saying Falzone is a treasure simply because he "sells" his music in a less traditional way; including a handy addressed envelope and an explanation that he asks anyone who's given a copy to send a tax-deductible donation to Young Voices of Nashville. I'm not even saying he's a treasure because he records by gathering dear friends (who are all top Music City players) to make music from the heart, and I am proud to have played a tune on each of his discs. I'm saying Ross is a treasure because he creates music that is meaningful; important even. He wears what he calls his "radical heart" on his sleeve. Some have compared Ross to Dylan, some to Springsteen. Though his recordings may sometimes sound like such rock poets, Falzone's music tends to include occasional spoken pieces and guest vocalists, all of which adds both immediacy and a theatricality to the work. And, on the latest disc, Ross Falzone seems to have landed smack in the middle of current political struggles.   His earlier discs rocked hard, with Ross intensely aimed at the fallacies of the Bush years. This collection includes a more subdued vibe, reflecting, perhaps, the artist's resignation to the never-ending fight for justice; and including a wider variety of instrumentation, with dobro, mando, and violin. The overall feel is less anger and more meloncholy. Which tunes for my revolving playlist? Most of ‘em, really. My America," ends the record, but gives a rueful smile towards hope, using the spare piano along with Wacek Kozlowski's emotional violin, to look ahead. We Won't Give Up," should be the anthem for the current unions struggling to maintain negotiation rights, and it's even driven home by The Boss's bassman, Gary Tallent. We gotta hope somebody will send the tune to every union hall. Sing it out, y'all, "We won't give up! Why Do They Hate Us," is a sad – but needed – piece of sarcasm. It stays in my head. The Voice of Justice," is a cut that offers the most hope on the record. The artist personifies Justice, and offers a knowing commentary on the current ever-evolving Middle East popular grab for rights; despite being recorded before the uprisings in that area began. Soundtrack for history as it happens? Send this one to CNN! Ross and his teen son Rosario wrote "Something's Gotta Give," which musically reaches to Nashville's fun past, while offering cartoon-like, yet poignant storyline. And, I've gotta say, I keep spinning "Love Over Hate," which is a recitation, a poem, though it's musical enough to keep me coming back. The cut is essentially one man's memory of the last 50 years, and delivered behind several thought-provoking quotes from history, including an Archie Bunker comment on racial equality. The last line is one to take with you: "I choose love over hate, how about you? Shannon Williford Williford is a Nashville writer, educator, harmonica player, actor, singer and fool. He was a 12-year columnist for the Nashville Music Guide.” - Shannon Williford

— Nashville Music Guide

Music's truth rings loudest of allauthor: Frank De Blase, City Newspaper, Rochester Ross calls Nashville home and apparently the music Mecca's muddy waters have washed over him. Ross plays bluesy, country rock like you might hear from cats like Dave Alvin, The Boss, or Southside Johnny. "Radical Heart" is a bunch of classic American strains banded together and steeped in soul. The songs are politically charged and romantically optimistic. But it's the music's truth that rings loudest of all.” - Frank De Blase - City Newspaper, Rochester, NY

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Massimo FerroRadio Voce SpazioVia Remotti, 4315122 San Michele (AL)ITALY  info@highway61.itI really enjoy "Politics..", it is possibly your best album to date in fact.As you may see from the attached playlist, I started play the new CD in my radio show the same day it arrived here actually!” - Massimo Ferro

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