If Trump was a little leauge coach 

The last thing I want to say on record, opposing the Donald Trump presidency, His character and his decency.

I spent many years coaching little league sports.

During that time, if I would have said the things Trump has said about women. I would have been forced to resign.


My new offering "Love is Everything" 

the process of making a record, like everything in life, is a balance. It is a very complicated yet simple process. Complicated in the fact that there are so many decisions to make. What are the right songs, the right players, the proper budget, the right microphones, the right title, the right photo, and on and on and on.

And yet simple, in the fact, that you are doing the very best you can with the tools you have. Like life.

And like in every other aspect of life, comes the uncertainty, the risk, both…

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The cat and the lessons of life 

Once upon a time, a female cat showed up at my house and as cats do, adopted us.

For the next ten years she lived with us, and did her job, as a governor would of her territory.

The made body of her work was keeping rodents, rabbits and other small borrowing creatures in balance. This a necessary  but barbaric job, which , even if I could run with lightning speed and jump as if gravity had no effect on me, would have a problem with. I personally couldn't at that time kill the young and old bunnies. I…

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