Thanks so very much for listening. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time.

It has been quite the journey since I first blew a note on my hand me down trumpet to where I am now.

 I am so thankful that I have music in my life. 

And it is a joy and a privilege to make  my own records.

I am proud of all of them and I do feel reborn musically every project.

I have been blessed with opportunities, to do many things in my life.  I like most artists, have had a multitude of jobs in order to make a living.  I have also served my spiritual side. Public and community service, citizen and servant.

I have been a firefighter, a solider, a truck driver, a recording studio owner and recording engineer.

I have been a performer, hosted a radio show ,  worked in a homeless shelter, supervised a youth radio program.  I've cleaned horse stalls, cut trees, power washed construction equipment and dozens of other odd jobs that i won't bore you with.  I've lobbied and help pass a bill through the Tennessee legislature and U.S House of Representative.  I've coached little league, delivered laundry, worked on national network music (HBO ABC NBC CBS ) Played weddings, bars, festivals and classes rooms. I've played to sold out rooms and empty rooms. Nursing homes and kindergarten. And enjoyed it all.  



 Social conciseness  was the catalysis for my first three records. 

 I have given away every penny, that my music has generated, and I have received ten fold of what I have given, in spiritual reward.

My first CD led to the second and to the third,

 Fourth and now the Fifth represent a turn to my roots and disire to write songs about love 

My music has been described in many ways and I'll leave that job to listeners and critics.

Living  in Nashville (music city) has been a wonderful and rich experience. Having the most musical talent, per capita, of any city on the planet, Nashville is a very special city.

There has been a lot to absorb here and a lot to learn. The very best and the very worst of the music biz is here - both creatively and commercially. It is mostly real good.

I know I have grown as an artist, in ways I would not have, if I didn't live in Nashville and I am so grateful for the experience. 

I hope to continue, to make music,  as long as I can, and try to contribute positively to my community, and most of all, I want to love more and more and more.

Love, truly is everything


Now my music has evolved again. I have a new project

With my partner Erin Futterer. I am for the first time in a musical Duo   "Erin and Ross" "A New Kind of Old"

and I am so very happy and exceited about our first release.

Please go to www.Futtererfalzone .com 

I wish you well on your creative endeavors and encourage you, to let the Freethinker in you live without fear.

My Albums: Oldest to Youngest

Radical Heart

Life Here on Earth (Just Plain Folks Best Political Album and best song nominee)

Politics, Religion and Other Works of Fiction

Love is Everything

We Are All Gypsies